Back To School

FAQ – posted August 28, 2020

What augmented sanitation measures are being taken by caretakers in schools?+

FAQ – posted August 26, 2020

Sometimes you talk about masks and sometimes you talk about face coverings. What is the difference? +
How will students store face coverings or masks when not in use? +
What happens when a student refuses to wear a face covering or mask? +
Will parents be asked to wear a face covering or mask for pick-ups and drop-offs? +
Will students be reminded to wear their face coverings or masks? +
How will recess and lunch be staggered? Where will students eat their lunch? +
Will there be cafeteria services? How will the lineups work? +
Will personal recess equipment be allowed? +
How will distancing be ensured in hallways, at lockers and during transitions times when lineups are required? +
Can we take the temperature of each child? How can we differentiate between a cold/allergies and possible COVID symptoms? +
Can students borrow library books or other items? +
Will transportation be available to students mid-year? +
Will there be extra sinks/hand sanitizers? +
For students with special needs who receive help from an aide, what additional safety measures will be required, if any? +
Will students remain in their classroom bubbles for extra help? +
Will there be any ECA sports this year? +
Will desks be spaced 1m apart in the classroom? +
Is it possible to have a plexiglass barrier for each student’s desk, as an additional protective measure? If parents are willing to pay for one for their child could they bring it in for their desk? +
What measures are in place to distance children so that my child won’t be in contact with others? +
Will students travel to specialist classrooms (lab, library, music, art…)? +
Will students be able to take music and use mouth instruments? +
Can Physical Education be taught indoors? +
Can they use/shared equipment in Physical Education class? +
Do they need to wear face coverings or masks in Physical Education class? +
What special measures are in place for Physical Education class? +
What special support will LBPSB provide to help students catch up from last year, especially those who are struggling academically? +
What will happen if the teacher is sick and there are no qualified teachers to replace? +
Is extra ventilation being provided? What plans do we have to improve ventilation? Can parents provide HEPA filters? +
Considering the age of the schools, could ventilation systems have an impact on the spread of the virus? How could we reduce this problem? +
"What is the frequency/procedure/schedule to disinfect/clean common areas?" +
Will bathroom access be restricted? +
Will additional caretaking personnel be hired? Can parents volunteer? +
Why isn’t online learning available for everyone? +
Can our request for online school be refused by the board? +
If I opt for online school, can I change my mind during the year? +
What does online school look like? How many hours per day/week? +
Can students access online school if they test positive for COVID? +
How do you ensure that teaching/learning/evaluation is at level? +
Will classroom bubbles be respected in daycare? How do you ensure this? +
Are additional resources/personnel provided for daycare? +
Have teachers received training for distance learning in the case of another system shutdown? +
How will exams be held if we switch to distance learning again? +
For children who are deaf or hard of hearing, how are they supposed to see the teacher's face (and try to lip read) when the teachers are wearing a mask? Not all deaf or hard of hearing students need or have an FM system. +
For children who are dyslexic, how are they supposed to sit and read with the resource teacher or with the help of their own teacher, if they must maintain a social distance of 1-2 metres? +
Why are children who have IEPs with other issues such as anxiety, social or behavioral issues NOT eligible for online learning? Mental health is also important. This school year will be more stressful than any other and their learning environment will be completely different. +
Why are we rushing to open on the standard school date and not giving the schools enough time to prepare to receive students? This is leading to unnecessary stress in our communities. +
Once school starts, are families being advised to stay away from grandparents? +
Are you identifying high risk parents/families? i.e. parents travelling for work or working in high risk environments. Once the above is identified, will all parents be notified in order to make a more informed decision about whether to homeschool our children or not? +
If I don't feel the measures will keep my child safe, what do I have the right to do? +
How will LBPSB deal with students who have a documented, chronic, baseline cough due to a medical conditions (e.g., asthma, tracheomalacia)? Will the school require COVID testing? +
If a parent is considered an "essential worker" and often works in the United States, although travel is currently quite infrequent. If the parent returns to working in the U.S., would there be any requirement that the child/student self-isolate for 14 days after he returns and not attend school? +
Will class sizes be limited? Norway limited class sizes to 12, Denmark to 15, and both countries had very low transmission in its schools. +
Will students be encouraged to wear masks in class to better protect themselves, their classmates and their teachers? And if as a parent, I would prefer my child to wear a mask, will there be a support system, perhaps placing children who wear masks together, and those who opt not to wear masks in their own separate groups? +
Will the LBPSB mandate that classroom windows be kept open as long as possible to improve air circulation? +
Would the schools consider shutting down during heat waves to prevent what happened in Israel, where heat waves forced schools to shut windows, turn on air conditioning, and incited many students to remove their masks, which was largely responsible for many of their cases? +
Can classrooms be made to have all desks forward facing for this school year, as this has been proven to lessen the transmission risk? +
If a parent chooses to temporarily keep their child at home as a precautionary measure (sudden surge in cases, heat wave, etc.) will there be a support system to help ensure the continuity of the children’s education if they must stay at home for several days? +
Would the LBPSB consider using empty classroom spaces from high schools to allow for smaller class sizes for elementary students? This is a measure that has been suggested by some in the eventuality that secondary schools shut down while elementary schools are kept open. +
What will happen with physical education classes during winter, or inclement weather? Can these indoor gym classes be suspended given the higher risk of viral transmission between students during indoor physical activities? +
Why not offer “option” courses online board-wide in order not to disrupt the range of choices by our students? +
My question is around the power or ability the principal would have to mandate masks. +
Could we implement contactless temperature reading every morning, before entering the school. Is that possible? +
Will there be testing in high schools? Do you need to get tested to go back to high school? +
Will there be daycare in elementary schools? +
Will Lester B Pearson, or will schools individually, be allowed to choose their own guidelines that go above and beyond? +
How will teachers give work? By hand or online? +
Must a student get tested if another student tested positive in their class? Even if that student was wearing a mask. +
If teachers are going to be teaching in the classroom, who will be handling the online teaching that will be offered to those students at home? +
What statistical thresholds would trigger online learning and is this something schools/boards can determine independently, given the range in R0 from neighbourhood to neighbourhood? +
In terms of Sec 4 and 5, if a larger than expected number of students are exempted from attending in person, would this open up spots for students with specific learning needs be offered to attend classes or Resource support on the alternate days? +
Why are you not requiring students in K-4 to wear masks, as an added precaution? +
If a student is registered at a school, can they stay home "sick" for several weeks so that the parent(s) can assess the situation in regards to the increase/decrease in the number of cases? +
Can a high school recommend to their parent body that students bring in their own personal Chromebook/laptop to school? +
Why the reluctance to let parents decide what level of risk they are willing to take with their own children? +
Will this be much like the online program we all had back starting back in April-June? +
Will schools be providing any materials, such as texts, workbooks, worksheets and laptops to those eligible for online learning? +
What online programs will children be using for their online learning? +
Will the online program be graded equally as in-person school attendance? +
If a parent does not feel that this online program is not giving their child appropriate education needs, can they choose to withdraw? +

FAQ – posted August 21, 2020

Does my child have to attend school? +
Who wears a face covering and when? +
What are the protocols for handwashing? +
When does school start? +
How will schools be organized? +
What are some precautions that schools are taking to facilitate building safety? +
Will the curriculum be different this year? +
Has the school calendar changed? +
Will extra-curricular activities (ECA) be offered? +
Will daycare (Elementary after-school program) be offered? +
Will my child have access to a locker/cubby? +
Who is permitted in the building? +
Recess/lunch and cafeteria services +
How will the school ensure air ventilation? +
Will my child be inside all day? +
Will my child have access to the water fountain? +
Will the school have fire drills and lock down drills? +
Transportation +
What are symptoms of COVID-19 and what do I do if my child exhibits them? +
What happens if my child displays symptoms while at school? +
What happens if the system needs to shut down again? +