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Lester B. Pearson School Board
1925 Brookdale Ave. Dorval, Quebec Canada H9P 2Y7

Mental Health and Well-Being Website

LBPSB's Student Services has launched new website on Mental Health and Well-Being 




Website is also available by clicking on the banner graphic abopve and from our home page.


This can be a stressful and challenging time, particularly for those at home with children. When children and adolescents have questions during these uncertain times, it is important to answer questions in an honest, factual and developmentally appropriate manner.


Validate their feelings and help to create a sense of safety and security for them based on current information in Montreal. Avoid giving them access to social media newsfeeds and television news (even in the background), in addition to keeping conversations to a minimum when children are in earshot. Even when they aren’t directly in front of us, children/teens are still listening.


We know that social distancing is one of the preventative measures to be taken during this time. However, it can create periods of isolation and loneliness, especially amongst those most vulnerable. It will be particularly important during this to reach out and connect with family, friends and colleagues using technology (FaceTime, zoom, google chat) and old school phone. Additionally, taking advantage of being outside in nature and going for walks can help to reduce feelings of boredom and isolation.


You will find in this website, various resources to help you and your family going through this situation.