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Update COVID-19 - LBPSB Community - March 16th - 9:30PM

Good evening,

The following message is an update for you regarding the COVID-19 situation and how it relates to us, the LBPSB. While several actions have taken place at the federal and provincial levels and in fact throughout the world, we would like to concentrate specifically on what impacts us as students, parents, and staff of the Lester B. Pearson School Board.


  • LBPSB schools and centres remain closed across the territory as directed by the Premier and Minister of Education.  Many parents have been asking about access to schools to pick up personal items.  Please understand that we have been told very clearly by the Ministry that there is to be no parent or student access to schools during the shutdown.


There have been many questions asking how long the schools/centres will remain closed. The information we have now is that the schools are closed until at least Friday March 27th.  If the government feels it is necessary to extend the closure, the community will be informed immediately.


  • We have set up this webpage which we will use for posting notices, sharing resources, updates etc. Included on this page is a list of Frequently Asked Questions which we have compiled for you.


  • Both Premier Legault and Minister Roberge have stated that there are to be no instructional demands placed on students during this period.  We understand, however, that students will likely wish to remain engaged with the curriculum during the closure.  To that end, the Educational Services Department of the Lester B. Pearson School Board has built a website which includes links to learning resources organized by grade level and subject area.  That website is also accessible from the LBPSB homepage.


  • Parents should take note that as of March 17th, we will have five daycares operating in schools on our territory.  These locations were identified by the provincial government because of their proximity to hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities.  Services at these locations are restricted to frontline essential service workers in the health and public security sectors.


  • Our head office remains open, but as per Premier Legault’s directives, we are facilitating employees working from home where possible while ensuring essential services are maintained.


We are all in this together. We all have family, friends, and co-workers that are being impacted by this situation in a multitude of ways. We ask that you, as we are, take it upon yourself to offer support to those in need, whether that be emotional, physical, or with needed supplies. Please pay attention to those that are suffering from fear and/or anxiety. Offer support and guide them to available resources that can help them cope. Help everyone, including yourself, gain strength from their community. A community that supports each other stands strong!



Many resources are available to you. The media is providing constant updates, and websites from all levels of government are actively updating their information. We will continue to update you as needed from the perspective of our system and how the LBPSB is impacted as this situation continues to unfold


The administration of the Lester B. Pearson School Board.